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by Uncle Bob Williams

Deciding how much risk to take is an individual matter. For those who prefer to make a consistent profit regardless of the market trends, non-directional trading makes perfect sense.

This reliable trading strategy eliminates those lumps in the stomach that come from trying to guess which way the market will go. The formula behind non-directional trading delivers consistent profit even during a dismal economy: you make money whether the market goes up, goes down, or holds the line.

The stock market, on the other hand, forces you to rely on guesses, gut feelings, and potentially bad advice when you make a trade. When you buy stock on a hunch and it goes up, that's great. Nice going! But if it goes down, there goes your money. Non-directional trading takes away that gnawing in your gut born of indecision, letting you sleep better as you make safe decisions with your hard-earned cash.

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