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by Uncle Bob Williams

Uncle Bob's Money lets you choose between hands-on and hands-off trading. For hands-on, let our tools guide you to make similar trades. For hands-off, use our Protected Auto-Trade Option, which you set up to automatically make the trades you want.

Uncle Bob's Money is convenient for every style of investor. Some people prefer an active role with their portfolio, while others would rather set it and forget it. What category do you fit in?

Active and Eager:
Investing is more than a hobby to you. You like to keep your eye on your investments and make your own trades. You read up on the subject, always wanting to expand your knowledge bank as you directly help your bank account grow. Uncle Bob's Money provides trading analysis tools to make it easy, including the Trade Finder and Trade Monitor features.

Controlled but Active:
This type of trader makes trades directly but likes a bit of guidance, which our Trade Alerts feature and model portfolios provide.

Couch Potato:
Automation is the name of the game with this investor, who isn't that interested in learning the ins and outs of trading. Our Protected Auto-Trade Option covers the bases, letting you set the sum you want in the Auto-trade feature while you retain full control of your money. That amount is held in your own account with one of our approved brokers, and you can change it or stop it whenever you wish.

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