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Advanced Trader

by Uncle Bob Williams

Advanced Trader Portfolio Trade History | See Conservative Portfolio Details

The Advanced Trader is for experienced traders with higher risk tolerances who are looking for higher returns.

We find great trades that we open and monitor as 1 contract spreads. You can adjust the amount of contracts that you trade to meet your investment goals. The Advanced Trader Portfolio positions are traded with real money, and the entry and exit prices are listed as our actual fill prices.

You can select which trades are appropriate for you, and adjust the amount of contracts to match your risk tolerance and portfolio goals. At any given time, you may be trading all, some or none of the Advanced Trader positions.

The Advanced Trader Portfolio can trade Condors, Calendars, Double Diagonals and Butterfly strategies on any symbol listed in the Uncle Bobs Money system.

The more aggressive nature of the Advanced Trader Portfolio means that the value of any trade can go up and down significantly, so you should never trade any funds you can't afford to lose.

The people who follow our Advanced Trader Portfolio are active traders with significant Options trading experience. The Advanced Trader Portfolio can make multiple trades every month. You must be comfortable evaluating and entering new positions, closing positions, and placing mid-trade position adjustments and conditional exit orders through your Broker on all trade positions by yourself without any guidance.

The Advanced Trader Portfolio is based on the following principles:

=> We trade using the following strategies: High Prob Condor, Low Prob Condor, Calendar, Double Diagonal and Butterfly.

=> We use the Uncle Bobs Money Trade Calendar, Trade Checklist, Trade Finder and Trade Monitor to find and monitor our positions.

=> This strategy seeks returns of 50% annually.

=> Trade positions may be adjusted or removed early.

=> This strategy assumes that you understand and have experience in trading all of the strategies we use.

=> This strategy assumes that you invest only the funds you can afford to lose.

=> This strategy assumes that you will not reinvest the profits, but that you'll place all profits into cash equivalents.

=> If there is a loss, it is possible to lose your entire investment.

The Advanced Trader Portfolio trade history is available to all members in the Trade Log section.

Advanced Trader Portfolio Trade History

See Conservative Portfolio Details

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For example, if you trade Condor spreads that have an 85%, or 90% or even 97% probability of profit, and if you make enough trades there will be losses.

The key to profitable options trading is to keep the losses that you will have to a minimum.

There are people who shop 'options newsletters' primarily based on their trade history, which may not be entirely complete or accurate. You may find someone with an amazing track record, only to join them and end up in a bad trade where the 'guru' suddenly goes silent, and you are left with a big loss.

There are also people who unfortunately put too much money into individual positions based on a history of successful trades. The market can do unusual things, and it only takes one bad trade to suffer a massive loss. Don't put all your eggs into one basket.

Just as you shouldn't put large amounts into individual trades, and you shouldn't pump too much of your hard earned savings into trades that have a near spotless track record.

We suggest that you get experience with the trading style and levels of risk, and then place a small and calculated amount of funds into suggested trade ideas.

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